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Case History

RADPAK relies on PRISMA integrated system for Melvit packagings


PRISMA integrated 08D3 + MFN11

The Polish cereal producer Melvit ( relied the implementation of its complete line of packaging for rice to Radpak (, a local landmark in the packaging sector.



The Client's requests

One of the important phases of the project of the line was tied to quality control: in fact, the goal was to avoid a manual control, expensive and incomplete, focusing on a control on 100% of production, then to be made through an high level automatic system. This would allow the client to break free from risks of claims for underdosing and the presence of metal contaminants, while avoiding unnecessary product giveaways.


To meet the legislative requirements, it was also required a MID conform instrument (“Measuring Instruments Directive").



The solution

RADPAK, through the Polish dealer Packsol (, identified in PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. the partner with the right experience and reliability to meet the demands of its customers.

Based on the information received, PRISMA selected the appropriate solution to the requirements of inspection and budget: the integrated system 08D3 - MFN11 conveyor model 60.
(See the video at the end of this article)


The rice packaging is presented to the phase control in a bag of plastic material under vacuum, closed in turn in a cardboard box of size 240 x 200 x 100 (h) mm and nominal weight of 400 g.


The actual weight is detected by the MID conform checkweigher 08D3, composed of an infeed conveyor of 400 mm, for the spacing and the settling of the product, and a weighing plate with dual load cell (Dual System) of as many 400 mm.


The carton arrives then on conveyor 60, which leads it through the metal detector head MFN11 (dimensions 400 x 200 mm), able to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless metals.


Leaving the head, there are two dedicated ejectors: the first ejects the products out of tolerance weight, the second ejects the products in which it was found a foreign body. In front of each ejector were placed a binder to keep separate the two types of rejected products.


With a single system, composed of two instruments communicating with each other, it was therefore possible to center all the goals preset in the design phase.




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