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Metal Detectors

In PRISMA metal detectors, quality is standard.


Advanced functions, clean sturdy design, simple intuitive user interface: PRISMA INDUSTRIALE metal detectors are the easiest way to inspecting for foreign bodies.

Cat-Metal Detector

PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. is one of the main european metal detectors manufacturers, with over 7000 metal detectors installed on production lines of every sector; from food to pharmaceutical, from personal care to pet food, companies large and small have recognised the quality of our metal detectors and count on them to safeguard their products and protect their brand, monitoring the CCPS (Critical Control Points) of the production line.


Checking for ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants inside the products with an accuracy compliant with the standards defined by BRC, the metal detectors designed by PRISMA INDUSTRIALE assure the rejection of defective parts from the production line.


The high sensitivity and advanced functions of self-check, phase adjustment and tracking unite the utmost reliability with a reduction in losses due to false rejects.


The range, thanks to different sized passages and conveyors, stands out for how wide it is; in fact, it includes instruments to check packaged and loose foods, tray food, tablets and powders, all the while respecting the hygiene and safety control standards (ISO-FDA HACCP).


The top quality of the components and materials ensures great machine sturdiness and longevity, just as the simple design and easily removable and washable conveyors allow for quick cleaning and maintenance.


The intuitive graphic display interface ensures quick learning and fast configuration and product change, maximising productivity.


PRISMA INDUSTRIALE pharma and food metal detectors are available with a degree of protection up to IP66, can be integrated into checkweigher systems and installed within online systems for process analysis.

Sort the table by clicking on one of these entries Weight Dimension Throughput
    • Portata:up to 0 g
    • Dimensione:5 - 200 mm
    • Produzione: up to 100 m/min

    Metal detectors for granular and powder products in high flow tubing and piping. The instrument is used in vertical packaging lines.

    • Portata:up to 10 g
    • Dimensione:5 - 95 mm
    • Produzione: up to 100 m/min

    Pharma metal detector for small, high-flow loose pharmaceutical products, like tablets and capsules. The MDF11 was specifically designed to meet the specific inspection requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.

    • Portata:up to 3200 g
    • Dimensione:50 - 340 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    Metal detector for small sized loose and packaged products. Using a compact metal head allows you to fulfil the HACCP requirement to check for metal contaminants even in very limited spaces, while also managing contaminated product collection.


    • Portata:up to 5000 g
    • Dimensione:50 - 540 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    Metal detection for open bottles and jars, to be placed alongside the production line in by-pass, between the filling and closing phases. A configuration specifically designed for the management of unstable products in humid environments.

    • Portata:up to 10000 g
    • Dimensione:50 - 540 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    Conveyor metal detector for small and medium sized loose and packaged products. Multi-frequency electronics, self-check, automatic calibration and tracking guarantee top level performance.

    • Portata:up to 60000 g
    • Dimensione:100 - 540 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    Conveyor belt metal detector for medium and large sized loose and packaged products. Multi-frequency electronics, self-check, automatic calibration and tracking guarantee top level performance.