08D3 with chain and infeed screw

08D3 with chain and infeed screw

Customer Solutions

Checkweigher equipped with modular chain conveyor and infeed screw to properly space and stabilise the products. Designed specifically to check food products in tins, jars and cans at high speeds.

Maximum capacity of 3200 g, accuracy from ± 0.5 g and production rate of 300 ppm

Made entirely of stainless steel, it has an IP65 degree of protection and double load cell weighing system.

Rejection systems

Several types of rejection systems available to ensure the maximum level of certainty that defective products will be rejected: air-jet, cylinder ejectors.

Reject management systems

All the rejected product bins are protected by a key, allowing only authorised personnel to access them.

Alarms notification

Several types of alarm notifications, both visual and audio.

Wind-prevention tunnel

The instrument can be equipped with high resistance guards, which protect from the elements and any contaminants.

Special conveyors

08D3 with chain and infeed screw is available with belt or slat conveyors. PRISMA INDUSTRIALE can help you find the most suitable solution to handle your product.

Quick-disassembly belts

A mechanical securing and release system that drastically reduces machine downtime, both during cleaning and in the event of belt replacement.

24-column panel printer

An on-board printer to easily print production data.

Product program memory expansion

The settable product program limit can be exceeded by expanding the available memory and thereby further increasing the machine's versatility.

USB and Ethernet interface

interfaces to export and communicate production data in real time can be implemented on all PRISMA models.

Feed-back function

Allows you to send a signal to the on-board dosing device to reduce mean error, thereby preventing waste due to incorrect dosages and their rejects.

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