Guaranteeing compliance with the quality standards for food safety on the market means being a reliable partner

Protect your brand and reduce product waste

Food safety becomes more important every day. Manufacturers must now ensure a perfect product to the final consumer. In fact, recall policies are often very expensive, both in economic terms and in terms of brand image. Ensuring a safe product on the market means presenting yourself as a reliable partner for the development of your business. Prisma offers its customers control and inspection systems for various types of products, which help them to have efficient and effective quality control. Prisma systems also comply with the most restrictive regulations in the sector. Prisma solutions can also be combined to maximize quality control. In fact, it is possible to integrate a checkweigher with a metal detector or an x-ray detector into a single system.

Prisma Industriale



Prisma systems are specifically designed to ensure you optimize your production line, reducing product waste and related management costs, ensuring you can work even at high speeds.


The highest quality of components and materials ensure great strength and longevity of Prisma systems, as well as the simple design and the easily removable and washable conveyors allow for quick cleaning and maintenance.


Whether it is to check the weight or to inspect the integrity, Prisma systems always ensure the maximum accuracy of the operation. Furthermore, the use of integrated solutions, such as a checkweigher and metal detector or a checkweigher and X-ray system, makes it possible to optimize not only quality control, but also spaces, thanks to the compact design of the machines.


Prisma systems help you comply with the highest quality standards in full compliance with ISO-FDA HACCP, BRC regulations. Prisma checkweighers are available with IP54 to IP65 protection and MID approval.