Inspection systems

Food X-ray machine with maximum capacity of 1500 g and dimensions up to 200 x 100 mm.

An innovative solution that combines high-level inspection of X-ray systems, a restrained cost and the possibility of integrating an internal weighing system interior.

Weighing range up to 1500 g
Linear speed up to 45 m/min
Throughput up to 600 ppm
Pneumatic supply 0,6 Mpa
Power supply 230 V 50/60Hz single phase
Power consumption 1500 W
X-ray generator 100 W
X-ray sensor 200 mm
X-ray emission < 1 µSv/hr fully contained inside the structure
Curtains lead-free, infeed and outfeed, FDA approved
Mirror finishing of metal parts Stainless steel AISI 304 for food and pharma environments
Regulations conformity with CE regulations
Protection Rating IP43
Climatic environment from 5°C up to +35°C non-condensing (closed)

High-quality generator and sensor
High-end generator and sensor, three-years warranty. Low-energy radiation, for a better detection performance, lower maintenance, reduced consumption and safety of the operator as well as end-user at the highest market level. 

Safety for the product and the operator
3 rows of protection curtains infeed and as many outfeed, all lead-free: emissions are certified below 1 μSv/h and completely contained inside the structure.  
3 safety switches on the doors, an emergency stop button and a key switch which turns off the X-ray generator immediately. Moreover: on-screen warnings, start/stop switch, visual and acoustic alarms and inner cooling system.  
Control panel and electronics (front) completely separated from the x-ray generator (back).

Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics
Simplified design that combines stability, an easy sanitization and a low economic impact, ideal for DRY environments.
TPU conveyor belt approved for FDA and EU food use. The conveyor quick release system allows the belt to be replaced quickly and without the need to remove the machine from the production line.

Advanced, intuitive electronics
Intuitive interface, easy in consultation as well as recipes setting.
Digital electronics with 10,4" color TFT display with touch screen panel (IP69), with 3-level password protected access, remote input / output on Ethercat protocol, self-check function, event history and rejections log. All the models can be equipped with Ethernet and USB interfaces to transmit data. 

Documentation and Conformity with standards
Thanks to the certified safety of the equipment, NEITHER “classified zones”, NOR classification of personnel as “exposed worker”, NOR periodic physical monitoring are required. Furthermore PRISMA provides all the documentation the Employer is in charge of, and that the latter just will have to send to the designated authorities. 2XR11 meets the ISO-FDA HACCP standard, the main directives and complies with customer guidelines and standards (including, among others: BRC and Marks & Spencer). 

More than 35 years of inspection and quality control: an experience that comes to life in every new model that is designed and built in our establishments.

Italian passion for quality is reflected in every machine detail. The attention to every detail, guided by thirty years of experience, is the real added value of PRISMA machines. Finished down to the last detail and made entirely of stainless steel, it is able to withstand intense washing cycles, which can be done extremely quickly, thanks to the quick-disassembly conveyors.

Performance and Versatility
Our machines meet high levels of performance and product interchangeability; and wherever they are unable to reach, we can design a tailored system for every requirement. 

Return on Investment
Imagine how much you can save with a machine that does not waste product, generate false rejects or force production standstills and that protects the brand. Savings that extend over the years, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the longevity of the machine, which are at top market levels. Our sales team knows how to find the solution that best suits any type of budget and expected financial return.

Rejection systems

Several types of rejection systems available to ensure the maximum level of certainty that defective products will be rejected: air-jet, cylinder ejectors.

Reject management systems

All the rejected product bins are protected by a key, allowing only authorised personnel to access them.

USB interface

Interfaces to export and communicate production data in real time can be implemented on all PRISMA models. The model is compatible with our DMT software, which allows for convenient direct remote control over the entire production process.

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