Company quality

Our job is quality control. Even our own.

Inflexibility in respecting international standards combined with flexibility in fulfilling customer’s wishes: this balance is what gives rise to PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l.’s worldwide success.
Company quality

Only a quality company can invent, design and build quality products.

That’s why PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. has always had the goal of optimising its own organisation and creating a structure that can respond positively to market incentives.

PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. obtained ISO 9001 certification more than ten years ago, revising and updating it regularly.

Every day, it follows its own Quality Manual, which contains clear, defined, tested hierarchies and operating modes, through which it is able to quickly respond to market requests.

In addition, aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and energy savings, PRISMA has defined its own Environmental Policy that aims to reduce the impact of all company activity on nature’s ecological balance and support the conservation of natural resources.

Prisma Industriale
Finally, PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. is a partner of BRC Global Standards, the Consortium that defines one of most widely spread and followed food safety standards in the world.
Made in Italy

Our systems are all assembled internally in Italy

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