Calibrations, validations and assistance plans

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To keep up with the evolution of regulations and carry out scheduled maintenance of machinery.
Prisma Industriale Services: Calibrations, validations and maintenance

Every day, Quality Managers must face increasingly restrictive internal and external regulations, directives and standards. Here too, PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. is your ideal partner, offering you consulting, support, certifications, verification and validation testing and assistance plans that will ensure your business fully meets the required requisites and safeguard it from any problems related to non-conformities and costly product recalls.

Calibration, Certifications and Validations

PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. provides FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ, CFR 21 part 11 validations and competent support for OIML R 51 and MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) legalisation. Our Service department is also at your disposal to run all the tests necessary prior to external audits (BRC, Marks & Spencer, etc…) with certified test samples suited to your products and your inspection requirements in order to get a perfect X ray or metal detector calibration. Our technicians are also equipped with calibrated test weights to control checkweigher’s conformity with the standards.

Certifications and validations

Contact us and find out how to obtain the necessary certifications for your machinery.

Routine Assistance Contracts and Calibration Contracts

PRISMA INDUSTRIALE is available to help you schedule a routine assistance and instrument calibration plan and to issue the related certifications: the ideal solution to guarantee the quality of your protect, the protection of your brand and the continuity of your production.

Ordinary Assistance Contract

Plan your machinery assistance and calibration with us.