Reliability and accuracy are the basis of solutions for the pharmaceutical sector

Optimize your process even at high speeds and reduce external interference

The pharmaceutical industry requires extreme production precision and the machines installed along the line must ensure correct execution even at high speeds. Prisma solutions have been designed over the years to respond to the most difficult challenges, studying designs that give stability to the machine, eliminating possible vibrations and disturbances from the work environment, without fearing the influence of external factors such as sudden changes in temperature and humidity . This translates into greater production precision, which reduces product waste, false rejects and production stops. A saving that lasts over the years, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the longevity of the machines, also helping you to protect your brand and reducing overall management costs. Whether it's checking the correct weight of small cases and boxes or small and medium-sized cylindrical packages or whether it's inspecting the bulk product with metal detection or X-ray systems, all Prisma systems meet high standards of performance and product interchangeability.

Prisma Industriale



Prisma systems are specifically designed to ensure you optimize your production line, reducing product waste and related management costs, ensuring you can work even at high speeds.


The highest quality of components and materials ensure great strength and longevity of Prisma systems, as well as the simple design and the easily removable and washable conveyors allow for quick cleaning and maintenance.


Whether it is to check the weight or to inspect the integrity, Prisma systems always ensure the maximum accuracy of the operation. Furthermore, the use of integrated solutions, such as a checkweigher and metal detector or a checkweigher and X-ray system, makes it possible to optimize not only quality control, but also spaces, thanks to the compact design of the machines.


Prisma systems help you comply with the highest quality standards in full compliance with ISO-FDA HACCP, BRC regulations. Prisma checkweighers are available with IP54 to IP65 protection and MID approval.