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Integrated Machines

Checkweighers +
Metal Detectors / X-ray


The two technologies are completely integrated into one solution, available in a wide range of configurations with high adaptability to every space needs.


Since 1995, PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. has been the sole European manufacturer of integrated checkweigher and metal detector machines.


PRISMA integrated machines unite the functions of dynamic weighing with metal contaminant detection, guaranteeing total protection of the brand. The combination of the two instruments brings with it four important advantages compared to just their sum: reduced overall dimensions, lower cost, integrated operator interface, centralised statistical analysis.


PRISMA solutions can also integrate checkweighers and X-ray inspection, thus offering total quality control in one compact solution.


The integrated machines are also available in different configurations, which adapt to a wide variety of product sizes and features and in versions that meet the ISO-FDA HAACP, MID, BRC, etc. standards.

Sort the table by clicking on one of these entries Weight Accuracy Throughput
    • Portata:up to 1600 g
    • Precisione:from ± 0.50 g
    • Produzione:up to 300 ppm

    Integrated machine for checkweighing and metal detection: the ideal solution for complete production control.

    • Portata:up to 1600 g
    • Precisione:from ± 0.50 g
    • Produzione:up to 300 ppm

    Checkweighing and metal detection combined in one machine, with touchscreen panel: the ideal solution for inspection and testing.

    • Portata:up to 3200 g
    • Precisione:from ± 0.50 g
    • Produzione:up to 300 ppm

    Combined Checkweigher + X-ray, equipped with touch-screen panel: the most advanced technology to guarantee total quality control.