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Customer Solutions

At times, not even a high-level machine is able to meet production requirements.


This is where PRISMA SYSTEMS come into play: special machines that are the result of more than 35 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector.


And that only PRISMA can give you.


In this section, you will find both special configurations of checkweighers and metal detectors and systems intended for other purposes, like micro-leak detection in modified atmosphere packaging.


PRISMA SYSTEMS were created from special requirements from our customers, who found the right partner in PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. to face market challenges.

Prisma Systems > Checkweighers

01D3 dual line pharma

Checkweigher for pharmaceutical products consisting of two separate lines, each with its own control panel, rejection system and rejection bin.


Maximum capacity of 600 g, accuracy from ± 0.1 g and production rate of 1000 ppm.

01T3 pharma with infeed screw

Checkweigher equipped with conveyor with infeed screw and outfeed tangential belts, designed specifically to check pharmaceutical products in small cylindrical, particularly unstable packages at high speeds.


Maximum capacity of 1600 g, accuracy from ± 0.1 g and production rate of 500 ppm.



08D3 with chain and infeed screw

Checkweigher equipped with modular chain conveyor and infeed screw, designed specifically to check food products in tins, jars and cans at high speeds.


Maximum capacity of 3200 g, accuracy from ± 0.5 g and production rate of 300 ppm.

11D3 with roller

System to weigh and completely manage large format products like sacks, cardboard boxes and barrels.


With a maximum capacity of 60000 g, accuracy from ± 5 g and a production rate of 60 ppm, the 11D3 with roller is a typical "turnkey" end-of-line instrument.

31D3 with rejection system

A high speeds weighing system for cylindrical packages with extremely high-performance. The complete configuration of outfeed conveyors consists of a "turnkey" system able to reach a production rate of 1000 ppm and bare the intense shifts and extreme production pace of big food manufacturers.

Prisma Systems > Metal Detectors

MFN11 with double chute flap

A special configuration of the MFN11 industrial metal detector, ideal to inspect flows of loose granular product like grains, coffee beans, candies, etc.

The conveyor belt is equipped with an outfeed chute which diverts the range containing the contaminant downward.

MFN11 with retracting reject 61 conveyor

A special configuration of the MFN11 metal detector, suitable for inspecting both loose and packaged products, equipped with a modular chain and a retracting diverter system, which unloads the range with the contaminated product.

MFN11 with roller

This is a special configuration of the MFN11 metal detector, designed to inspect heavy, cumbersome products: contaminated products are moved by a cylinder ejector onto a rejected package collection roller made of stainless steel with a tilted surface and idle rolls.

MFN11 with tilted conveyor

This is a special configuration of the MFN11 metal detector, which is installed on a tilted adjustable conveyor, thereby creating a system that can adapt to the layout of your packaging line.

Prisma Systems > Integrated Machines

08D3 integrated compact with separate electronics and vertical metal detector

Integrated checkweigher and metal detector.
This special configuration of the 08D3 integrated compact is designed to check heavy and particularly tall products, like packages standing upright.

Prisma Systems > Micro-leaks Detector


Detector of micro-leaks inside food packages.

Designed to be positioned within modified atmosphere packaging lines, the Sniffer SNF21 makes sure packages are intact and checks the seal on sealed trays, providing the manufacturer and the final consumer with the maximum guarantee.  


Detector of micro-leaks in food packages, equipped with two control modules working in parallel, increasing the maximum production of the single bell version