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X-Ray Inspection

PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. supplies the highest level of safety and versatility.


X ray inspection systems are the best solution to ensure product integrity and prevent risks like customer claims and market recalls.

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X ray machines base their operation on differences in density and, therefore, on the different ray absorption levels of objects unrelated to the product.




Therefore, with a single system it is possible to inspect a series of otherwise unidentifiable features:



  • Contaminants like: bones, stones, ceramic, PVC, Teflon, glass, rubber, fibreglass, etc...
  • Non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel metal contaminants, even inside metal film packages or with aluminium foil
  • Package defects like deformations and cracks
  • Completeness and fill level,even in closed packages
  • Presence of necessary elements like: the surprise inside a chocolate egg, pins in a packaged shirt
  • Dynamic weighing and air bubble detection


The operator panel, equipped with touchscreen and an advanced user interface, makes configuring and use extremely intuitive.


The radiation levels used are so low that they do not damage or adulterate the product, keeping the X rayed food safe to eat. The use of materials that guarantee no radiation accumulation and the application of excellent quality active and passive safety systems ensure total machine reliability in complete compliance with the ISO-FDA HAACP, BRC, etc. standards.


The components require no or minimal maintenance; in any case, servicing is very quick, thanks to how simple the disassembly and washing operations are.


PRISMA X ray inspection systems are available with a degree of protection up to IP65, can be integrated into checkweigher systems and installed within online systems for process analysis.


Sort the table by clicking on one of these entries Weight Dimension Throughput
    • Portata:up to 1500 g
    • Dimensione:50 - 200 mm
    • Produzione: up to 45 m/min

    Food x ray machine for packaged food products with a maximum capacity of 1500 g and dimensions up to 200 x 100 mm. Implementable with integrated weighing system.

    • Portata:up to 5000 g
    • Dimensione:100 - 235 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    X-ray inspection for packaged products with a maximum capacity of 5000 g and dimensions up to 235 x 150 mm.

    • Portata:up to 5000 g
    • Dimensione:200 - 335 mm
    • Produzione: up to 65 m/min

    X-ray inspection for packaged products with a maximum capacity of 5000 g and dimensions up to 335 x 150 mm.