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Case History

RISERIA VIGNOLA: the quality of tradition guaranteed by PRISMA X-rays


RISERIA VIGNOLA is one of the main Italian rice factories and boasts a history of 140 years, in which it has always stood out for its ability to combine tradition and innovation. This talent places it at the highest quality levels on the market, to maintain which it has found since many years in PRISMA INDUSTRIALE the ideal partner for inspection and control.

A choice that has also been renewed with the launch of the most innovative product, which doses up to 14 different ingredients. A product for which the top of the PRISMA range was used: the integrated X-ray and weight control system 2XR11 + 08T3.


 Riso Vignola



Riseria Vignola

Riseria Vignola is a Piedmontese company that for five generations has specialized in the cultivation and processing of rice, legumes and other high quality cereals. Over the past 20 years, the owner Giovanni Vignola has implemented a profound corporate renewal process, which has led to the construction of a 70,000 square meter factory and 20 automated packaging lines, with a production of 50 million kg per year.


Giovanni Vignola

Giovanni  Vignola, Owner and CEO of Riseria Vignola Giovanni S.p.a.



The array of products, which ranges from vacuum-packed rice to ready meals, is marketed both under its own brand and as private label, keeping product quality and customer service as the focus of the company.

50% of today's production is made up of organic products, whose qualitative excellence is safeguarded using traditional methods on an industrial scale. Among these, one of the most interesting and innovative is the mulching technique, which consists of covering the cultivation with compostable and biodegradable sheets, avoiding the use of herbicides and reducing the waste of water and seeds. An ancient technique, which, thanks to Vignola's intuition, has been declined on an industrial scale, using modern and eco-friendly technologies.


From mulching to harvesting




A top of the range equipment for an excellent product

Riseria Vignola has always turned to PRISMA to ensure that the finished product maintains the same quality as the raw material.

The latest product line included in the range, a package of mushroom risotto, is characterized by the dosage of 14 different ingredients. On the one hand, this increases the heterogeneity of the content and therefore the complexity of its inspection. On the other hand, it involves the multiplication of contamination risks, to be calculated on each single ingredient added. In fact, these are the fruits of natural cultivation, which can therefore contain pollutants such as stones, bones, as well as glass and metal.

PRISMA and RISERIA VIGNOLA, after a careful four-handed analysis, therefore opted for the top level instrument of PRISMA: the X-ray inspection system 2XR11.


 Vignola video




The low voltage of the X-rays used by the system, in addition to ensuring safety for the operator, product and a consequent stream-lining of bureaucratic procedures for using the system, allows to obtain very high levels of sensitivity, permitting the identification of any type of high-density pollutant.

The use of a new long-lasting and high-sensitivity sensor (250 mm wide, with a 0.8 mm dot pitch) and a top-class generator allow to detect pollutants up to 0.8 mm of stainless steel and 1 mm of iron, even in a non-uniform product such as a package containing several ingredients of varying density.

The great flexibility of the system makes it possible to inspect different packages (including aluminised ones) with a single instrument, with a product change facilitated by the latest generation software, complete with Auto Set-up function. An investment, therefore, also for future applications and product lines.


Raggi x alimenti

An example of contaminants detectable with the 2XR11 food x-ray system




Weight control: not just a legal obligation

Considering the cost of production, weight control is also a critical factor. In addition to compliance with MID regulations and therefore observance of the tolerances defined by legal obligations, this phase must also avoid product gifts that would fall on the economy of the process. For this reason, the 08T3 MID checkweigher was integrated downstream of the X-ray machine.

The rejection of contaminated products takes place on the infeed conveyor of the checkweigher, which is equipped with a separate support, an ejector and a dedicated collection bin.

On the second plate, both the weight detection (via Dual System with double load cell) and the rejection take place, also with dedicated ejector and bin, in order to keep contaminated products and those out of weight tolerance separate, as required by legislation.

This configuration allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine to just 1800 mm, thus minimizing the space required in the packaging line.

Furthermore, both machines are equipped with an extremely intuitive touchscreen interface and have been supplied with all the preset recipes, minimizing also start-up times.

Checkweigher + X-ray inspection food

The integration of food weight control with X-ray inspection



A common passion

Tradition and innovation. Productivity and excellence.

Concepts that seem distant from each other, but which blend perfectly when at their base lies a common passion: the pursuit of quality.

A research that, for over 20 years, has linked RISERIA VIGNOLA and PRISMA INDUSTRIALE.




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